Entrepreneurs! Risk-blind and charismatic loose-cannons who sweep in and make tonnes of money through mysterious powers. They seem to see and do things no ordinary mortal can do. The truth is somewhat more prosaic and this post will bust some of the common misconceptions. Once you’ve had a read you’ll see that entrepreneurs aren’t anything special – and you can be one too!

1. Entrepreneurs Are Risk Takers

The truth is that entrepreneurs do take risks, but they carefully assess those risks before taking them. Often those who rush in come unstuck. Most of us don’t assess risk particularly well but it’s a skill that can be developed.

2. Entrepreneurs Are Good at Opportunity Spotting

Entrepreneurs tend to be looking in places and asking questions most of us don’t bother to ask. Like risk assessment, this is a skill that can be developed.

3. Entrepreneurs Are Always Making Money

Most – if not all – well-known entrepreneurs who have made fortunes have also lost fortunes in the past. Very few people come up with a get-rich-quick scheme, it takes hard work. Plus, those who make money are going to put profit back into the company to make it better. Success isn’t always measured in pounds and pence.

4. Entrepreneurs Are Resilient

When entrepreneurs get knocked down they don’t stay down. They get back up and carry on. They have a flexible determination that helps to get them where they want to be.  This too can be developed by us ordinary mortals.

5. Entrepreneurs Are Great Decision Makers

People think that entrepreneurs are great at making good decisions. However, that’s only because they’ve made plenty of bad decisions in the past and learnt from them.

6. Entrepreneurs Aren’t Scared of Failure

There has been a disturbing trend of people in the “enterprise world’ celebrating failure. The logic is that if you’ve failed you’ve at least tried, that brings you one step closer to success. Despite this trend, nothing beats hard work. There are plenty of entrepreneurs who don’t even entertain failure. When you have employees working under you, your failure affects their lives too. Make the big decisions, but don’t lose sight of what failure entails.

So look again at those entrepreneurs celebrated in society. They aren’t that much different to you!  If you can focus your attention and skills on certain areas, you’re halfway there. Propeller can help you develop that other half through our dedicated workshops and mentor programme. Get in touch or come and see us in the Media Factory today!