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We can help you to help your students, whether you are looking at how to embed enterprise into the curriculum or merely want to know when to sign-post your students to us. Some industries are geared towards self-employment, such as the Arts and Hospitality, but other areas can benefit too. Enterprise skills are highly sought after even in traditional employment, as enterprising individuals are able to identify opportunities and adapt to changing circumstances. An understanding of how businesses work can be beneficial when entering a larger organisation.

UCLan staff members are very enterprising and it’s no surprise that some staff members conduct self-employed work too. Our service offers free support to UCLan staff members (both academic and service staff) who are starting or have recently started a business alongside their work here.

Supporting enterprise in the curriculum

Our mentors work alongside academic schools to integrate enterprise into their curriculum. This spans from providing workshops on key skills, supporting career events such as cJAM, to supporting knowledge exchange projects. Some of the workshops we can offer include: business finance, pitching and checking business viability.

We can work alongside you to add up to 12 hours of relevant enterprise support to your courses.

Support for Student Projects

We offer access to a centrally-based teaching and learning space where staff can supervise enterprising activities with students and graduates – The Propeller Hub.

Students that require enterprise activity in their assessment, such as writing a business plan or marketing campaign, can also benefit from our workshops and mentor advice.

Hands-on Experience

We value self-employed work experience and think it’s beneficial for students to work for themselves whilst studying. As such, we have an online resource called ‘Flightpath’ that helps them to develop freelance skills, as well as UCLan Talent where they can showcase their skills and find work.

Freelance work allows for flexibility, giving students a better control over their work/life balance. For the 67% of students that have a part-time job, working is a vital part of their life at University. Freelancing provides the opportunity to make your income more relevant to their course and doesn’t require shift work or continuation during the exam period.


If you’re taking on an intern but don’t have space for them to work from, it can be arranged for them to work from the Propeller Hub, either at a hot-desk or dedicated rental desk.


Several staff members have their own businesses or project work alongside their position at UCLan. If you need advice on how to manage them in tandem, report earnings or develop your enterprise skills, we can help you make the most of it.

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What is the difference between Propeller and the Careers service?2020-09-28T09:36:42+01:00

What is the difference between Propeller and the Careers service?

The UCLan Careers service offers advice and support surrounding employability and career paths. On CareersEDGE, they have many resources to understand your skill set, as well as advertising job opportunities with businesses. They also help UCLan students and graduates to write CV’s, prepare for interview, understand industries, and much more.

Typically, if you need self-employment support, that is when you come to Propeller.  We can help you draw up a business plan, start freelancing, set up a business, work on finance and practice pitching.

For more information about what we offer, come to a drop-in session. See our ‘What’s On‘ page for details.

Can any student access your service?2020-09-28T10:02:17+01:00

Can any student access your service?

We support students from all courses, at any level of study. Propeller is an extra-curricular support service, so if you’re working for yourself or want to start a business, it doesn’t have to be related to your course.

How can you help my students with a project linked to their course?2020-09-28T10:03:10+01:00

How can you help my students with a project linked to their course?

We offer up to 12-hours of co-teaching with a business mentor for courses that would benefit from an enterprise element. These typically cover viability, marketing and finance workshops, but can be catered to your specific course requirements. We can also read through and provide feedback on business plans/proposals already required for a module.

Many students begin developing enterprises within the course and decide that they would like to undertake the project as a business. In these cases, we can help them to register their business and offer 1-1 mentor advice. We can also connect students to the business community, whatever their motives may be.

Can you assist us during periodic course reviews (PCR) to introduce more enterprise in our modules?2020-09-28T10:11:00+01:00

Can you assist us during periodic course reviews (PCR) to introduce more enterprise in our modules?

Yes, we can. Our mentors help at both faculty and school levels to check that they are sustainable.

As for delivery, most lecturers ask for 12-hours of support from our mentors, delivered in the classroom. We can also lead sessions that ‘teach the teachers’ to deliver enterprise, so that it can be embedded throughout the curriculum. We can offer co-teaching or arrange a referral system where students are encouraged to visit us in their own time.

Do you have teaching and learning resources to help us deliver enterprise?2020-09-28T10:55:31+01:00

Do you have teaching and learning resources to help us deliver enterprise?

Yes, we are licensed to use several specialist resources for business planning and social enterprise. We also have a bank of materials that you can adapt for most courses, including: self-assessment; personal effectiveness and branding; creative problem solving; idea generation; viability and feasibility of ideas, as well as business planning. We can also offer workshops designed to teach staff to deliver enterprising material on their courses. If you have a particular requirement, our business mentors can discuss your needs and come up with the right materials and delivery for you.

We have a professional practice/skills module. Can you deliver sessions as part of this?2020-09-28T10:30:15+01:00

We have a professional practice/skills module. Can you deliver sessions as part of this?

We often work with lecturers to deliver enterprise skills within modules. This can be in the form of one-off sessions on becoming self-employed, delivering a series of sessions to develop broader enterprise skills or special projects such as ‘Dragon’s Dens’. We work with you to tailor content to the needs of the students and align with the MIP.

Do you have space to accommodate enterprise projects?2020-09-28T10:16:54+01:00

Do you have space to accommodate enterprise projects?

The Propeller Hub is mainly for client meetings and social working. We do have a social space with projector that can be used for classes and workshops if they are related to enterprise. Ask at reception if you’re not sure if you are eligible, or alternatively, to book the space.

Who is eligible to use the service?2020-07-20T11:22:47+01:00

Who is eligible to use the service?

We primarily serve students, staff members and alumni of UCLan. If you are a business, you can still access our support if you’re a member of the Centre for SME Development. If you are uncertain if this applies to you, please contact us.

Can I use the Propeller Hub?2020-09-28T10:00:34+01:00

Can I use the Propeller Hub?

The Propeller Hub is usually open to students, alumni and external businesses for a charge.

Some businesses have returned post-lockdown, but we are still operating at a limited capacity. To find out about rates, send us an email and we can give you a bit more information.

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