We’ve optimised the Propeller Enterprise Programme for online learning.

The Propeller Enterprise Programme is the core set of workshops offered by Propeller and aims at those interested in starting a business. Previously split into six parts, the programme covers all the information needed to get started, including: checking the viability of an idea; business structure and types; general insurance, VAT, tax and IP regulations; sales and marketing; as well as financial forecasting and everyday bookkeeping.

This term, we’ve distilled this down to four workshops as several activities did not work well online. These have, instead, been compiled into worksheets and extra resources that you can complete after the workshop. Since most people that attend our workshops want to start working for themselves, most of them develop their business plans through a combination of workshops and mentor sessions. As such, we decided to make this easier by providing a clear structure.

Following the structure of a business plan

When writing a business plan there are 12 sections that need to be included. Our workshops have always followed this structure, with a few asides and extra bits tagged on. However, we’ve decided to stick to our preferred structure much more closely, so that we can prepare you to get started as soon as possible. As such, this year the Propeller Enterprise Programme will have four workshops looking at the following:

  1. How to start a business
  2. Defining your offer
  3. Reaching your customers
  4. Finalising your business plan

Each workshop will run for two hours over Microsoft Teams and additional materials will be sent out afterwards. You can sign up for the workshops on our events page.

Propeller Enterprise Programme

Additional resources for each workshop

When we went into the first lockdown (what a strange phrase without context) we were quick to move our workshops and mentoring sessions online. For the most part, things have been going well and most of the content has adapted with minimal effort. One area that did need work, however, was group tasks and more hands-on activities didn’t translate well to the screen.

That’s why this term, we’ve developed supporting documents for each of the main workshops, adjusting the activities for solo working. After attending the workshop we’ll email attendees with around an hour’s worth of activities that they can complete in their own time to further develop what they’ve learned.

Who can attend?

Our workshops are open to all UCLan students, staff and alumni as long as they are registered Propeller members.

A Propeller membership is free, and by registering you gain access to our workshops, 1-1 business mentorship, our online resources in Flightpath and more. You can register today by filling out the registration form and returning it to us. To do so, either email teampropeller@uclan.ac.uk or use the contact form on our website.

Upcoming workshops

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