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Matchbox Associates’ Jaan Scott is here to help small business owners run an entire business with limited resources with an acumen that saves time, allowing you to work effectively and make a profit.

As a new small business owner, you don’t have helping hands everywhere; so, developing an overall sense of how to run a full business successfully is a critical skill. You need to be able to make swift choices in complex situations, reducing any negative impact as quickly as possible. Being able to come up with a logical response to problems starts with setting up the right monitoring systems and strategic action plans, which is what we look at in this webinar.

From this workshop, you’ll know what to do for the following:

  • Understand core financial performance metrics including budgeting and forecasting
  • Analyse your current position and resource requirements
  • Collect the right information and act on what it tells you
  • Know what it takes to be successful and be willing to do it

Additional info

This workshop is 90 minutes long with a further 30 minutes for discussion and questions.

Reminders for the workshop with a joining link will be sent out the week they are due to happen. Only Propeller members will be sent a workshop link, so make sure you have sent us a registration form in good time.

These workshops are partially funded by the U Start project to support students, graduates and university staff to unlock their entrepreneurial potential and become enterprise ready.

Sign up here: (check your junk email for confirmation)

Booking closes the Sunday before the workshop at 5pm.

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