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Are you a person with problem-solving skills, adaptability, flexibility, confident, and a creative thinker that makes the most out of any situation? There’s a reason these are desirable traits – you’ve probably seen them all on job descriptions in one shape or another. All these traits relate to resilience: the art of bouncing back. In tough times, it’s important to know how to adapt to the situation, which is where our workshop comes in!


Our resilience workshop explores the behaviours and techniques needed to get your thinking cap on during a crisis. We will explore how to stay calm and adapt quickly to changing situations with the right tools and a small tweak to your perspective.


Whether you’re a business with a list of worries or just someone who wants to roll with the punches, this workshop is right for you.


  • 1 hour long


These workshops are partially funded by the U Start project to support students, graduates and university staff to unlock their entrepreneurial potential and become enterprise ready.


All of our workshops are currently hosted on Microsoft Teams. Please register below and you will receive a link to the classroom on the day.


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