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It can be a bit overwhelming starting up a business. If you’re working it out as you go along, it can be hard to know what to prioritise, right? Well, that’s where business models come in. A business model pulls together all aspects of your business into one place, providing an overview of everything you could possibly need to consider.

You’ll be able to describe, analyse and design a business model that illustrates the value and core activities of your company. You’ll look at:

  • Key elements of a business
  • Understanding your value
  • Creating a business model canvas

At the end of this briefing, you’ll walk away with a personalised business model canvas which maps your key activities, partnerships, resources, customer segments, communication channels, customer relationships, value proposition, core structure, revenue streams.


  • 1 hour long
  • Bring your own refreshments


These workshops are partially funded by the U Start project to support students, graduates and university staff to unlock their entrepreneurial potential and become enterprise ready.


All of our workshops are currently hosted on Microsoft Teams. Please register below on this free workshop and you will receive a link to the classroom on the day.

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