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Once you know who your customer is, how are you going to reach them? You need to pull your ideas into one cohesive brand and plan your first marketing strategy.

This is the third workshop of the Propeller Enterprise Programme, designed to get you business-ready in as little as four weeks. It is advisable to attend the previous two workshops first, but not a necessary requirement.

Your brand values will lead the way for how your business is seen, what you stand for and why people will buy from you. This not only encompasses the look and feel of your brand, but how you talk about it, promote your products or service and resonate with your audience. We’ll help you develop a brand that works for you and provide guidance on how to reach your audience.

This will combine elements of our previous workshops Creating a Brand, The Essential Guide to Marketing and Sales and Negotiation.

Additional info

This workshop is two hours long, with additional material for you to complete in your own time.

Reminders for the workshop with a joining link will be sent out the week they are due to happen. Only Propeller members will be sent a workshop link, so make sure you have sent us a registration form in good time.

These workshops are partially funded by the U Start project to support students, graduates and university staff to unlock their entrepreneurial potential and become enterprise ready.

Booking closes at 5pm the Sunday before the workshop.

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