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A student-led special with Claire Law

Claire stumbled into freelance writing as part of mid-life career changes.

With the help of Propeller, she identified ways to use her transferrable skills from the world of Education and Third Sector employment to work for herself, rather than others. Freelance writing opened up new opportunities for Claire and allowed her to benefit from a steady income and real flexibility around her work schedule.  She successfully established her own business that allows her to combine freelancing with paid employment, home schooling and her own studies. Importantly, freelancing helped Claire to find her confidence again after what could be called something of a “mid-life career crisis”.

In this workshop, Claire will tell you the story of her journey to freelance writing and what she’s learnt along the way. The workshop will cover how to set yourself up as a freelancer and tips on managing time and workload on a day-to-day basis. This workshop will show you how even the most risk adverse and unlikely of entrepreneurs can make a real success out of freelancing.


What are student-led specials?

This term we want to offer Propeller members the chance to deliver their own workshops focusing on their experience and insight into their area of expertise. Not only does this give our business owners a chance to reflect on their own journey, but can also act as inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs.

If you want to have a go delivering your own workshop, email teampropeller@uclan.ac.uk with your interest. Propeller members who have been trading for at least a year (and making a profit) should feel free to get in touch.


Sign up below:

Booking closes at 5pm on the Sunday before the workshop. A joining link will be sent out on Monday 22nd February.

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