Want to take your committee skills to another level?

The UCLan Propeller service helps students develop business skills that can be applied to your committee roles. Whether you’re helping a club/society tick-over or want to turn it into a powerhouse, Propeller offer workshops to cover your bases. Find out more about how we can help each role…

President – Confident Networking: 12th Nov & 10th Dec, Sales & Negotiation: 14th Nov & 3rd Dec

Keeping the team going, pulling in more members and gaining sponsorship from local businesses can be quite the challenge. If you want to learn some techniques to up your charm and convince others of your value, then the above workshops are for you.

Secretary – Creating a Business Model: 6th Nov & 26th Nov

Want to create a plan for the year and leave a legacy document for the next committee? Then a Business Model Canvas can be a great starting point. It helps you map out all the different benefits and strengths of your society or club and make the most of your resources.

Treasurer – Bookkeeping for Beginners: 21st Nov & 4th Dec, Understanding Business Finance: 28th Nov

If you want to make sure you make the most of your grant pot and membership fees, you have to think ahead. Planning out the year’ spends or fundraising can help you give more to your members – whether that’s buying equipment, booking a guest lecturer or running additional events.

Comms & Promotion – Perfect Your Elevator Pitch: Dec 4th, An Introduction to Facebook Ads: 20th Nov

Whether this exists as its own role or is integrated into other posts, a Comms & Promotion Coordinator needs to be able to share what your club or society does in a concise, effective way. The workshops above can help you make the most of the channels open to you.

students outside propeller office

UCLan Propeller also offer advice in a 1-1 setting, so if you are interested in sitting down and putting together an action plan, give us a call to arrange a meeting. It can be a great first step for new committees.