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Advice From an Entrepreneur (or three)

This week we had three incredible, local entrepreneurs at our networking event sharing their journeys. We had Salma Chaudry from The Halal Cosmetics Company, Kieran Fletcher of Funda and Karen Livesey of Child Sexual Exploitation [...]

You’ve Missed the Big Ideas Challenge!

We know how it is, busy lives and deadlines, but you missed out on one hell of an event! Students from across different faculties came together in teams to develop new business ideas and gain [...]

The Challenges of Running a Women’s Charity in Preston

Lancashire Women’s Centre Lancashire Women’s Centre (soon to be rebranded as Lancashire Women) is a registered charity focused on helping women across Lancashire. They offer support for mental health and emotional wellbeing; money, benefits and [...]

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Picking the right colours for your brand

Have you noticed that most social networking sites have blue branding? The reason sites like Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter buy into blue is because we think of blue as an authoritative and trustworthy colour. It [...]

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