Propeller have some amazing clients and we’re proud to support the work that they do. Here’s just one of them!

NCA Training – Nick Carey

Interactive eLearning Solutions.


Nick came to Propeller six months ago with an idea for a brand-new company. He wanted to design and deliver bespoke online training packages using the latest eLearning software and Learning Management Systems.

He wanted to blend his academic background – holding a post-graduate degree in Adult Education from UCLan –  with over 15 years’ professional experience in creating, deploying and managing software and IT training programmes across the UK.

Nick has a real passion for innovative training that allow organisations to successfully train and develop people cost-effectively.   Did you know that e-learning courses can be over £4,000 cheaper per person than classroom-based learning? No, neither did we until we met Nick! Online solutions can also save up to 60% on training time and are highly accessible too. People can access training at any time and from anywhere, and they can also learn at their own speed.

NCA Training’s solutions have many features that can be adapted to what best suits your needs; including video, narration, quizzes and 3D walkthroughs. Whether working with customers, employees or contractors, the interactive online training & ‘how to’ guides provide 24/7 aid – helping to reduce support enquiries, enhance user experience, and improve your service too.

How Propeller Helps

Starting a business can be daunting for many reasons, especially if going it alone. Sharing a co-working space can alleviate some of the pressure, allowing for conversations, comparisons and collaboration.

Nick was really pleased to be able to base himself at the Media Factory,

 “It has been great to work in an environment where other new businesses are operating. Starting a business can be a lonely experience but having others around you really helps with having belief in yourself.”

Nick can often be found making us of the Propeller Hub hot desks in the Media Factory and regularly meets with mentor Steve Simm for advice an encouragement. He added,

“Steve is very good at asking you questions you wouldn’t naturally think of and the encouragement has been invaluable.”

Recent Projects

Having only started his business in November 2018, Nick thought he would need to spend the first six months or so developing client relationships and creating a sales funnel. However, he has already worked on a number of projects with local businesses and organisations, including a successful training simulation for an app company specialising in mobile security management solutions.

There hasn’t been much of a breather between projects either. Nick is already working on his next project: interactive training for a North West-based sight loss charity. The initiative will educate the public on how people with sight loss can benefit from assistive technology within touchscreen devices.

What’s Next?

Now six months into his venture and performing better than he had anticipated, Nick has started partnering with freelancers and creative agencies across Lancashire and Manchester. These freelancers assist with aspects the work he cannot cover himself, such as graphic design, animation and voice-over.

From year two, Nick aims to deliver more self-authored eLearning resources, developed in collaboration with other specialists. Sharing the load would allow him to run multiple projects at once and refocus his efforts into client engagement and project management.

Find Out More

Nick is looking to network with software and app companies through the North West. Pop in to the Propeller Hub some time and see how NCA Training can help upskill your workforce or educate your customers.

For more information about how Nick can help you, check out his website.