Unit 5 looks at ‘starting your freelance journey’ and is full of useful advice and resources for your first customer.

We’ve added to our online platform for developing freelance skills, Flightpath. This new unit offers around an hour of advice, activities and resources that prepares you for your first freelance contract. Whether it’s something entirely new, or you’re just looking for a refresher, we think you’ll enjoy it!

What is Flightpath?

Flightpath is our online platform to develop freelancing skills. With this new unit, it now contains over five hours worth of materials to help you explore freelance work, develop an offering and start gaining real work.

We understand that the life of no two freelancers look the same, so whether you work full-time, pick up the occasional gig or still work elsewhere too, we’ve got you covered. You can work through the content at your own pace and if you get stuck, you can always request a meeting with a Propeller mentor.

What is included in the new unit?

The new unit focuses on the different requirements of any new job and is ideal for first-time freelancers. Whereas the previous modules looked at defining your offer and creating a personal brand, this unit looks at how to handle an actual freelance gig. That means covering everything from showcasing your work to getting paid by your client. We’ve included templates for things like providing quotes, asking for payment and even provided pointers for issues along the way.

  • Creating a portfolio
  • Finding work through UCLan Talent
  • Understanding creative briefs
  • Pricing, quotes and invoices
  • Timescales and payment plans
  • Personal safety
  • Dealing with problems
  • Templates and other resources

How do I sign up?

If you already have a Flightpath account, you can access the new unit from your dashboard.

For new sign-ups, visit our sign-up page. We’d really appreciate it if you could also become a Propeller member by filling in this registration form and emailing it to teampropeller@uclan.ac.uk or through the contact form on the website. A Propeller membership gives you access to our business mentors for 1-1 meetings and a host of workshops that can help you start your business. It’s completely free and any UCLan student, staff member or alumni can benefit from our support.

Flightpath units 1-5