The Propeller Enterprise Awards came to a close last week after a rousing round of interview panels.

We had a wide range of business ideas and early start-ups apply, with 13 out of 37 applications receiving funding. It was a tough competition, but in the end, we think the winners have viable business or project ideas that will contribute greatly to the local business world. Here’s an overview of the winners:

  • Alex B. will use his award to purchase equipment to better create products for his bespoke fashion brand ForFall. Alex aims to create a local fashion label that creates a sense of community through collaboration with local artists, musicians and film-makers.
  • Leanne D. was awarded funding for her social enterprise The Young Women’s Society, which will be spent on insurance, event promotion and initial operation costs. The Young Women’s Society aims to help young women increase their social networks and reduce isolation in young women through monthly events.
  • Madison D. is currently forming a support group called SAVED (Supporting Addiction Victims Every Day). The award will allow Madison to start support group sessions for people affected by the substance abuse of  family or friends.
  • Amy F. will use her award to help develop a website that acts as a professional e-commerce platform for her equestrian retail business Equi Addict. The e-commerce site will help Amy to reach a larger audience through direct selling.
  • Roxie F. applied to the Propeller Enterprise Award in order to complete her PA system kit for her contemporary theatre and performance company Poppycock Theatre. Performances are created through community workshops aimed at anyone interested in live music and performance.
  • Matthew H. will use the award to produce a range of bespoke digital designs and purchase materials for high-end fashion accessories. We’re excited to see the final result!
  • Anna J. will use her award for a collaborative dance piece as an initial step to delivering dance workshops to schools and communities. The award will allow Anna’s company AJDance Company to pay for operational costs whilst developing the initial piece and aid promotion once ready.
  • Angelina J. is preparing a professional photography studio and will use the Propeller Enterprise Award to purchase lighting equipment, as well as website hosting.
  • Ellen K. and Andreea M. have recently completed a year abroad in Korea and believe the Korean shaved-ice dessert bingsu will be well-received in the UK. The award will allow them to purchase equipment and test the idea at local markets.
  • Karen L. was awarded funding to assist her “No Whispers” project, raising the profile of her company C.A.T (Child Sexual Exploitation Awareness Training). The project will involve creating a video resource to assist in the identification of sexual exploitation.
  • Daniel M.  is in the process of launching a mens’ clothing line Hazed Apparel. The award will contribute to the web hosting of and professional photography to promote the products.
  • Rukhsana R. was awarded funding to purchase equipment necessary for a new company creating baby clothes that grow with the baby. Although in the R&D stage, we are looking forward to the outcome!
  • Monika S.H. is in the process of starting a B2B consultancy for businesses looking to operate in the UK and Hungary. The award will allow Monika to market her services and build further relations.

Well done to all our winners – we were truly impressed by the scope and scale of your ideas and we are looking forward to seeing your progress!