Propeller have some amazing clients and we’re proud to support the work that they do. Here’s just one of them!

Preston PA Services

A flexible, high-quality service saving you time.


Preston PA Services offers administrative support throughout Preston, Lancashire and further afield. Susan offers a flexible approach for small businesses who are looking to outsource time-consuming admin tasks. This gives the business owners the opportunity they need to continue growing their business and enables them to concentrate on their own area of expertise.

As a single parent of a child with disabilities, Susan found that traditional employment didn’t offer her the flexibility she needed. Having always wanted her own business, she decided to put her skills to use by allowing sole traders and SMEs to outsource their admin to her.

The rent-a-desk in the Hub has been fundamental for Susan to achieve that. “It gives a solid base and helps the company look credible. I have a structure to my day, without which I think I would struggle to be motivated. It has also been a major support in helping me with my confidence and believing in myself.”

How Propeller Helps

“I think the biggest problem that I faced in the beginning was lack of confidence. Trying to come across as a competent business owner when you are unsure of yourself is very hard.

The mentors are always on hand to offer advice if I ever feel unsure of which way to go. The Propeller Hub has a supportive nature and brings you into contact with lots of different sectors. They’re all at a different stage in their business development, which is useful if you want to talk things over.

At the start, the workshops made me think of how I was approaching my business and what problem I wanted to solve; which in turn made me think of how I was going to market myself. Even today, the workshops are helping as I move to the next phase of growing. Propeller even helped me gain my first two clients. Knowing how and where to market my services had always been a problem and I was naïve about how to gain clients.” 

“I can honestly say that without Propeller and the support that it has given me – both practical and emotional – I wouldn’t have been able to grow my business the way I have. I probably would have given up a long time ago.”

Recent Projects

Susan started with 2 clients, two and a half years ago. Since then, her client base has grown, with a good deal of repeat business. Developing a website has been vital in bringing in more business and, consequently, Sue was able to hire an associate. She now works with Helen Summers, whose skills complement those of Susan.

Having gained confidence in the company, Susan has recently begun the process of trademarking ‘Preston PA Services’. This will protect the business moving forward and improve credibility in search engine rankings.

What’s Next?

Susan has been working on a new-look website, set to launch this month as they celebrate the 1st year anniversary of being ‘Preston PA Services’. The new design will allow potential clients to find relevant information quickly, whether that be for bookkeeping, proofreading or something else.

In the near future, Sue and Helen are looking to offer further services such as credit control and payroll administration. As they diversify the service, more staff will be needed and there are hopes to be able to support this sustainably shortly.

Find Out More

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