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Develop Your Enterprising Mind

We are a support service open to every student and graduate . We can help you while you’re on your course to use your learning in a meaningful and practical way to reach your career goals. We achieve this by giving you unlimited access to a host of resources including skills workshops, mentoring, grants, facilities and networks to meet all your needs.


Our interactive workshops are an ideal starting point if you’re interested in business, self-employment or social & community enterprise or if you want to develop employment, interpersonal and leadership skills to help you apply for a graduate job.
We take you through the process of identifying, researching and pursuing an opportunity.

Mentoring and Coaching

Our mentoring and coaching service can support you on your enterprise journey, especially if you are working on your own and have no prior experience. We work at your pace and you can meet us as many times as you need. We can even find you a coaching buddy so you can help each other along the way as friends.

Entrepreneurship Awards & Funding

Want to know what grants and support is out there? We have got our own grants and info on all resources you need.
Would you like to work for yourself but you need financial support to get your idea off the ground? The Student Entrepreneurship Award is given out once annually through a competitive process giving you the chance to win up to £1000.


Our competitions and events are a great chance for you to enhance your communication, team working, problem-solving and project management skills in a fun way that will also recognise and reward your abilities. We run numerous competitions both across the University and between universities.

Social & Community Enterprise

Enterprise is not just about business. It’s also about applying yourself in the community on a course project or during a placement. By engaging with us you can boost your chances of making an impact in these and other situations.
It’s about coming up with fresh ideas for new services, products or activities and how things could be done better. We have a strong track record of supporting voluntary organisations, charities, and community projects.

Propeller Hub

Designed to help you launch exciting ventures and explore ideas, Propeller Hub offers flexible, accessible and unlimited use of co-working and social space. It is equipped with facilities, equipment and technical support to meet the needs of your enterprise. These include: flexible desk space, membership and access to specialist facilities; professional mailbox address; printing, scanning and photocopying; independent work desks; business Board Room; interactive meeting booths; and social snugs for small group meetings.

Success Stories


How can you help me if I’ve already started working for myself?2017-06-14T15:06:04+01:00

As a team we have a lot of “know how” and “know who” to help you take things to the next level. We can help in all areas of business and at all stages of development. This means you will be able to start up and scale up quicker and more sustainably by engaging with us.

I have not heard about you before, what does Propeller do?2017-06-14T15:05:40+01:00

Propeller provides interactive and fun opportunities to help you become more enterprising and entrepreneurial. We enable you to develop the skills, capabilities and mindset to make your ideas happen.  We also offer you the experiences to succeed in self-employment, social & community enterprise or get ahead in your chosen career. Additionally, we complement the studies within your degree programme, especially where project work and business planning are relevant, whatever level you’re studying at.

I don’t know much about business and I’m not studying a business course. How can I be enterprising?2017-06-14T15:05:18+01:00

Enterprise is not just about business. It embraces making a change through a project, student society or social and community enterprise as well. Employers are increasingly looking for commercial awareness in graduates both in the public and private sectors and intrapreneurs- agents of change within large organisations. We can help you develop transferable skills and core employability skills valued by employers. This can help you secure the job you want and get promoted because you will be better equipped to take on greater responsibility for things like managing staff and budgets.

What if I don’t want to start or run a business, how can you help me?2017-06-14T15:04:52+01:00

Engaging with us will likely help you get better grades particularly if you will be assessed on an area relating to pitching ideas and business planning. We can help you to win competitions and awards which will help you get recognised. We can help you open up new opportunities for research, innovation and collaboration and even commercialise your ideas. The world of work has changed so that the idea of a job for life has disappeared. You need to be equipped to work for yourself in the future. This means, even if you don’t feel these skills are relevant to you now, they may well be in a few year’s time.

What if I haven’t got a business idea yet, can I visit you?2017-06-14T15:04:26+01:00

Being enterprising very often comes from having a good or new idea but not always so. Sometimes the motivating factor can be a passion to change things. If you are struggling with ideas, we can help with idea generation and innovation through our workshops. We believe everyone can be creative and we try to provide the environment for you to be exactly that. You will get the chance to interact with other students and businesses to help you generate ideas. Our workshops, competitions and networking events offer excellent ways for you to engage you in new enterprising, real life situations.

How can I engage with you and balance my other commitments such as my course and part time work?2017-06-14T15:03:41+01:00

We believe your education at UCLan is much more than obtaining a Degree although that is a tremendously important part of it. We offer a flexible and responsive service which is available all year round so we can work around your needs. For example, our workshops take place on a rolling basis so you can dip in and out when you like. Your location does not have to be a limiting factor either as we can provide support over the phone or via Skype. We are also developing an online platform so you can access resources anytime, anywhere. You can come to us at any stage after you graduate. Finally, we offer an unlimited offer of support so there is no cut off point and you can receive as much help as you require.

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