Some inventions and companies just make a lot of sense, others… not so much.

1.    Someone should do that

Every business idea started with someone turning to a friend and saying “you know what would be good?” It might not be verbal, it might not be more than writing THIS on a blog post, but every idea started with a need to be filled.

2.    I should do that

You browse Google and trawl the local shops but it turns out there’s no one currently offering zip-up socks. Thinking about it though, how hard could it be? Plus, you’re only 1 in 9 billion people on this planet. Someone else is going to want your product, right? Everyone is going to want your product! You’re going to be rich! Hahahahaha.

3.    I don’t know how to do that

Okay, maybe don’t spend that cash just yet. You start thinking about what you actually need to make it a reality. Office space, patents, sewing machines, socks, zips…

4.    Why is no one doing that?

It all feels pretty reasonable actually… Why has no one started doing that yet? Is it illegal? Nope. Is there a demand? Yes. Does it require a lot of cash to start? Not really…

5.    I’m gonna do that

That’s it. It’s all thought out. You’re gonna be the one to do it.



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