Lancashire Women’s Centre

Lancashire Women’s Centre (soon to be rebranded as Lancashire Women) is a registered charity focused on helping women across Lancashire. They offer support for mental health and emotional wellbeing; money, benefits and debt advice; at-risk women; and help people to access skills, training and employment.  Even though they are centred around women, they do also offer support to men, including talking therapies and employment support.

They’ve been operating for 30 years now and help around 4,000 women a year, but there’s still much more to do.

So, what’s the actual challenge?

As with any charity (or business, come to that) making people aware of the services they provide can be difficult. Potential service users need to not only be aware of all the good work that LWC are doing, but also that they themselves can benefit from the service.

LWC have a lot of different services, but those who can access them are not aware of what is relevant to them. They are interested in developing an app to support this, with particular focus around helping young women access their services.

They also want to focus on women-specific issues, such as young women being less likely to vote in elections than men their age. They’d like to create an event that raises awareness of citizenship and help grow democracy within the local community.

Lancashire Women’s Centre have already identified these areas as needing work but are looking for innovative approaches from UCLan students.

How can you help?

Propeller are working with LWC, alongside the Lancashire School of Business and Faculty of Health & Wellbeing in order to tackle these challenges.

UCLan students will be coming together between 5-7th November to create a strategy tackling these problems. They’ll be coming up with innovative ideas and planning how the projects can be carried out. They’ll be attending special workshops to help them develop their ideas and presenting them on the final day, with potential to win £400 in Love2Shop vouchers. What’s more, viable ideas could be taken forward and legitimately make a difference in the community.

You can follow the event through Twitter with #BIC2018, or the Propeller Facebook page.

We have extended the application period to include today!

If you want to sign-up, or simply forgot to get your form in, you have until 3pm Friday. Fill in this form and email it to Only takes a minute!