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Thinking about changing careers, starting out on your own, making a bit of extra money or simply have a great idea you can’t keep to yourself? There are lots of reasons that UCLan graduates come to Propeller and we work at your pace.

  • Free ongoing support via workshops and mentoring

  • Free networking events

  • Reduced rate in the Propeller Hub after the pricing restructure

  • Remain registered on UCLan Talent for 2 years after graduation

  • Able to apply for the Propeller Enterprise Award up to 1 year after graduating


Thinking about going self-employed, starting a business on the side or even just getting together some holiday money? Freelancing is a great way to test the waters of working for yourself. Our online tool Flightpath is set up to show you the ins and outs of freelancing, the skills you need and how to get going.


Our mentoring and coaching service can support you on your enterprise journey, especially if you are working on your own and have no prior experience. We work at your pace and you can meet us as many times as you need. We can even find you a coaching buddy so you can help each other along the way as friends.


As a graduate you are entitled to come along to our skills & knowledge workshops, held in the Media Factory, Preston. We have two main programmes – the Propeller Enterprise Programme which is essentially a Start-up 101 spread across 6 workshops, and the Bite-sized Briefings which can be considered top-up courses on specialist areas. We have monthly networking events and lots of one-off events, so make sure you check out our calendar!


Want to know what grants and support is out there? We have got our own grants and info on all resources you need.
Would you like to work for yourself but you need financial support to get your idea off the ground? The Student Entrepreneurship Award is given out once annually through a competitive process giving you the chance to win up to £1000.

Hub Space

Working from home can be a challenge, but during early days of business it can be hard to justify renting an office. Social work space is a great in-between and we offer our own Propeller Hub from as little as £0.68 a day (paid monthly).

We have a thriving community of start-up businesses connecting, making use of our meeting space, telephony, printing and a coveted UCLan trading address amongst our services, it’s worth stopping by for a tour.


Enterprise is not just about business. It’s also about applying yourself in the community on a course project or during a placement. By engaging with us you can boost your chances of making an impact in these and other situations.
It’s about coming up with fresh ideas for new services , products or activities and how things could be done better. We have a strong track record of supporting voluntary organizations , charities , and community projects.

Success Stories


How can you help me if I’ve already started working for myself?2017-06-14T15:06:04+01:00

As a team we have a lot of “know how” and “know who” to help you take things to the next level. We can help in all areas of business and at all stages of development. This means you will be able to start up and scale up quicker and more sustainably by engaging with us.

I have not heard about you before, what does Propeller do?2017-06-14T15:05:40+01:00

Propeller provides interactive and fun opportunities to help you become more enterprising and entrepreneurial. We enable you to develop the skills, capabilities and mindset to make your ideas happen.  We also offer you the experiences to succeed in self-employment, social & community enterprise or get ahead in your chosen career. Additionally, we complement the studies within your degree programme, especially where project work and business planning are relevant, whatever level you’re studying at.

I don’t know much about business and I’m not studying a business course. How can I be enterprising?2017-06-14T15:05:18+01:00

Enterprise is not just about business. It embraces making a change through a project, student society or social and community enterprise as well. Employers are increasingly looking for commercial awareness in graduates both in the public and private sectors and intrapreneurs- agents of change within large organisations. We can help you develop transferable skills and core employability skills valued by employers. This can help you secure the job you want and get promoted because you will be better equipped to take on greater responsibility for things like managing staff and budgets.

What if I don’t want to start or run a business, how can you help me?2017-06-14T15:04:52+01:00

Engaging with us will likely help you get better grades particularly if you will be assessed on an area relating to pitching ideas and business planning. We can help you to win competitions and awards which will help you get recognised. We can help you open up new opportunities for research, innovation and collaboration and even commercialise your ideas. The world of work has changed so that the idea of a job for life has disappeared. You need to be equipped to work for yourself in the future. This means, even if you don’t feel these skills are relevant to you now, they may well be in a few year’s time.

What if I haven’t got a business idea yet, can I visit you?2017-06-14T15:04:26+01:00

Being enterprising very often comes from having a good or new idea but not always so. Sometimes the motivating factor can be a passion to change things. If you are struggling with ideas, we can help with idea generation and innovation through our workshops. We believe everyone can be creative and we try to provide the environment for you to be exactly that. You will get the chance to interact with other students and businesses to help you generate ideas. Our workshops, competitions and networking events offer excellent ways for you to engage you in new enterprising, real life situations.

How can I engage with you and balance my other commitments such as my course and part time work?2017-06-14T15:03:41+01:00

We believe your education at UCLan is much more than obtaining a Degree although that is a tremendously important part of it. We offer a flexible and responsive service which is available all year round so we can work around your needs. For example, our workshops take place on a rolling basis so you can dip in and out when you like. Your location does not have to be a limiting factor either as we can provide support over the phone or via Skype. We are also developing an online platform so you can access resources anytime, anywhere. You can come to us at any stage after you graduate. Finally, we offer an unlimited offer of support so there is no cut off point and you can receive as much help as you require.

Do you have space to accommodate enterprise projects?2017-07-20T15:56:07+01:00

We have a creative enterprise zone on the 4th Floor of the Media Factory dedicated to students working on enterprise projects as part of their course. It is a flexible meeting space with networked PCs and creative thinking aids which is available 12 hours a day. In exceptional cases, we have supported students to gain access to specialist rooms and teaching spaces where their project merits this.

We have a Professional Practice/Skills module. Can you deliver sessions as part of this?2017-07-20T15:54:02+01:00

A significant part of our work is fulfilling requests from academics to deliver sessions as part of professional practice or skills modules. This ranges from one off sessions on becoming self employed to a series of sessions looking at cultivating entrepreneurial mindset and skills more broadly. We work alongside academics to ensure we tailor the content to the needs of the students and align what we deliver to the Module Information Pack (MIP).

We can offer flexible delivery as well: from running Dragon’s Den type activities to support for grant schemes within your Faculty.

Where colleagues prefer to embed enterprise within a programme rather than treat it as a “bolt on” module, we are willing to support with curriculum design and assessment to aid the process.

Do you have teaching and learning resources to help us deliver enterprise?2017-07-27T16:38:58+01:00

We possess specialist resources relating to business planning and social enterprise which we are licensed to use.  Additionally, we have a bank of teaching and learning materials to share with colleagues which can be adapted to most courses.  They encompass a wide range of knowledge, skills and capabilities relating to enterprise and entrepreneurship: self-assessment, personal effectiveness and branding, creative problem solving and idea generation through to assessing viability and feasibility of ideas and business planning.  Moreover, we are members of Enterprise Educators UK which is a national network of best practice in the field, so you can access latest materials being used by HEIs.  Finally, we have access to case studies and Alumni who are running successful businesses in a range of fields who are often willing to speak to groups of students.

We are going through Periodic Course Review (PCR), can you assist us introduce more enterprise in our modules?2017-06-14T14:47:24+01:00

We are able to support staff with curriculum design and assessment relating to the development of enterprise and entrepreneurship modules delivered in the curriculum. Based on our knowledge and experience as a team we can often suggest innovative approaches and we would engage with colleagues within CELT as part of this process.

How can you help my students with a project linked to their course?2017-06-14T14:46:56+01:00

We have numerous examples of students working on a business plan/proposal as part of a module where we have supported the student with mentoring and managed workspace and liaised closely with their tutor. We can connect students to the business community either through Alumni whom we have started in business or through our wider networks. We can signpost students to specialist services and facilities at UCLan, whether they be advice clinics or equipment to help get projects off the ground. In exceptional cases, we refer students for expert advice from academic staff who have experience in a particular business area but who teach on a different course to the student’s programme of study.

Can any student access your service?2017-06-14T14:46:21+01:00

We can support students from any course, at any level of study. Students can either attend our extra curricular programme or receive specific support relating to their course of study where it relates to enterprise or entrepreneurship. Our extra curricular programme comprises of mentoring, workshops, networking, action learning, competitions, grants and managed workspace. We usually have students come to us for support relating to business planning and projects working with business or the community.

Can I use the Propeller space?2017-06-15T14:25:07+01:00

Use of the space is free for students for the duration of their studies; and free for 6 months for graduates. Contact us today if you would like further info on teampropeller@uclan.ac.uk

Why should I choose Propeller?2017-06-15T14:24:46+01:00

We act as a single point of access to a range of business support, specialist facilities and networks at UCLan. Contact us today if you would like further info on teampropeller@uclan.ac.uk

Is any grant funding available?2017-06-15T14:24:36+01:00

We have an annual award called the Student Entrepreneurship Award for students and recent graduates. Our Business Mentors have experience in helping businesses identify appropriate sources of funding. Contact us today if you would like to find out about funding teampropeller@uclan.ac.uk

How do I register?2017-07-20T15:40:47+01:00

Get in touch using email, telephone or turn up at reception. We will take some contact details and make an appointment for you to see one of the Business Mentors where you will go through the registration process. Contact us today if you would like to register teampropeller@uclan.ac.uk

Who is eligible to use the service?2017-06-15T14:23:21+01:00

The support programme is open to any business which has been trading for under 2 years. We particularly invite UCLan students, graduates and staff to get in touch with us. Contact us today if you would like further info on teampropeller@uclan.ac.uk